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Four women. Four journeys toward self-love.
There’s much more to life than the way you look.
This is their truth, what's yours?


Throughout our lives, we are bombarded by messages that paint us with shame. Ads that tell us we’re not skinny enough, not smart enough - and somehow not good enough to make the grade.

At Shapermint, we’re changing the conversations women are having about their bodies.

We asked 4 extraordinary women to share their struggles with body image… and the day they finally learned to erase the shame and love everything they see in the mirror.



After my husband died so suddenly, I felt numb for so long. I just really embraced my friends - I picked people in my life that make me happy and make me feel good about myself. After two and a half years or so of being alone I’m learning how to just really love and accept myself and appreciate myself in a new way, and not doing it for what someone else wants me to be.”


“My insecurities began when I was in my 20s, when I started modeling. I was thrown into this world where I didn’t really speak the language, trying to be this body that doesn’t exist. I’m not totally over it but, through counseling, I now know that I’m perfectly imperfect. It’s one thing I want my daughter to just not have: those feelings of imperfection that are just not right for women.”


“When you are in such a horrible situation, in a hospital, and they say you might want to say goodbye to your friends... it kind of shakes you down and changes everything. It changes how you look at the world, changes the way you think, the way you do, everything. So I kind of started enjoying life and accepting life the way it is, and I accepted me, for who I am, the way I am.”


“I was 19 and this was disgracing to our family. ‘My daughter is pregnant and she’s not married and blah blah blah.’ So me being kind of a rebellious person decided that even if this wasn’t planned, it’s what happened, and I would make the best of it. I was going to make them see that I may have been a single mother, but that I was going to be ok. And he was going to be ok.


Share your story of self-love and body confidence using #ThisIsMyTruth on social media. It’s your turn to erase the shame away and inspire all women to let their inner light shine through!

Our truth is that no woman needs shapewear.

But we’re here if you want that extra boost of confidence along the way.

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