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Thank You, Mom

It’s hard to find the time to really think about everything our moms have done for us - and everything we, as moms, are doing for our own kids. This May, we invited some of our fave #ShapermintGals to share their own stories and lessons, as daughters and as mothers. The goal? Inspire the world to take a moment to really thank our moms.

Now it’s your turn: how did your mom help shape the self-confidence you have today? What did she teach you about body image? What are you teaching your daughters about growing up female?

Thank your mom for the lessons she taught you with #WhatSheTaughtMe.

Share your story with #WhatSheTaughtMe on social media and inspire the world - we’ll be donating $1 to Help a Mother Out® for each story shared.*

Because not
all superheroes
wear capes

Some wear heels. Others wear makeup. And some even wear shapewear. Join the conversation and honor the mother figures in our lives that made us who we are now. We’ll be featuring our fave stories here!

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Get Inspired With These Four Brave Women

Most of the Shapermint community is made up of moms, re-learning to love their bodies after giving birth or due to the passage of time. We try to help them feel better and more confident in their own skin, and are right there for them on those not-so-good days. We believe shapewear helps moms shape their own confidence - and confident moms raise confident kids.

This is our tribute to the wisdom mother figures have imparted during our lives… and the lessons we’re teaching our daughters today.

Shapermint - What She Taught Me


Not all of us have the most positive experience with our moms, and that’s definitely Jay’s case. However, this body-positive, unabashedly cool instagram fashionista is breaking the cycle. Now a mother of two wonderful daughters, Jay opens up about how she’s bringing up two confident, strong girls without a role model of her own.

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Yvette and Debra

Fashion and Beauty blogger Yvette sits down with her own mom, Debra, to talk about confidence, never giving up and growing up black in a small Texan town. Our main takeaway? How important it is for young girls to grow up with successful role models that look like them.

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Seyi and Bunmi

It’s never easy to deal with the loss of a mother, especially around Mother’s Day. Seyi and Bunmi bravely sit down to honor their own mom, and remember the wise learnings they still carry with them, three years after their mom sadly passed away. A must-see for all of us missing our moms this month.

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Shapermint - What She Taught Me

Raeann, Nazira and Terah

Three strong confident women - one of them with three daughters and another one on the way! Lifestyle blogger Raeann, size-inclusive icon Nazira and mummy blogger Terah sit down to share their moms’ greatest lessons, and what Terah hopes to pass on to her own daughters when they grow up.

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Shapermint | Help a Mother Out

Shapermint | Help a Mother Out

About Help A Mother Out®

Help A Mother Out is a California-based organization that provides access to clean diapers for families in need. Clean diapers aren’t only hygienic and timer-savers - they’re basically a requirement for daycare facilities, which mothers need in order to work.

Help a Mother Out turns 10 years old this year - and May marks the month in which they’ll be delivering their 10 millionth diaper! We’ll be donating $1 for each story shared on social media with the hashtag #WhatSheTaughtMe*, as well as a percentage of our overall sales during May. Let’s band together to help us make this donation LEGENDARY <3

* Conditions apply.

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